WP Auctions Plugin for Classified engine

Updated on Aug 8, 2015 in [P] ClassifiedEngine
3 on Aug 6, 2015


How about  Auctions Plugin for classified engine? It would be great to buy CE theme with plugin which turn classified site into auction.

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1 on Aug 7, 2015

Dear JackPoll,

Thank you so much for your interest in our product.

As you know, there have many WordPress plugins that you can see everywhere on the internet. Therefore, we can’t test all of them. Regarding Auctions Plugin, we have not tested the compatibility with ClassifiedEngine yet. We’re so sorry because we cannot give you any recommends in this case.
If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them!


on Aug 7, 2015

Yes, have you any plans to create auction plugin for CE in a future? (compatible with Classified engine) Pls consider that.

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0 on Aug 8, 2015

Dear JackPoll,

Currently, we don’t have any plan to  create an auction plugin for CE in near future
We certainly appreciate your suggestion. We have already added it our list of feature requests. This way it can be taken into consideration for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive.


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