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This forum was developed based on substantial needs by followers and customers of Engine Themes products. The goal of Engine Themes Forum is to provide an environment in which all customers can ask for inquiries, report a bug, suggest ideas; opinions and share knowledge. Engine Themes Support provides access to technical support and guidance document to help you successfully utilize the products and features provided by Engine Themes. Please do your part in helping us maintain this constructive environment by following these guidelines.

Search First

Always start with searching, that means before you create a topic. Most of your questions were probably already answered. Save your and our time by searching the Engine Themes Forum first.

Post a new topic

Start at the main forum page.

  • Click here to start your new topic” at the top of the page.
  • Type a topic title in the “Click here to start your new topic” message box. Choose a category from the drop-down list by clicking “Please select”.
  • Click the “Create topic” button.

Edit and delete a topic

Choose a good topic title

The title is without doubt important, and it is usually read first. If the title is too long, this usually indicates there are too many unnecessary words. This is obvious or it does not help the reader.  A good title will provide information so Stay accurate, Make the value clear, and Keep it short.

For example: “Milestone extension structure?”, “How to disable mobile version of FrE theme?

Include as much information as possible

The information needed for support in case of fixing bug

WP admin

FTP account

cPanel account

Apparently, you can send screenshots, descriptions of bug but for more complex cases which  require higher demonstration we encourage you to use

No bumping

by continuously posting a comment in a topic to make it top the forum. Bumping up old topics to add new, relevant information is not considered.

According to Engine Themes’s Policy, it’s IMPORTANT to not reply to any forum comments from other existing topics of other Customers to ask for your own bugs. Instead, go ahead and post your ticket first. Also, spamming of any kind will be considered as a policy violation.

Commercial Products

Choose the exact product before creating a new topic for a question.

Format and post option

On the “Create your new topic” page’s toolbar there’re wording format also with insert link and attached picture/code option.

As for Posting Large Excerpt Of Code, you can refer to or

Helping out others

In case you want to share your opinion or experience on the similar problem with others then you can choose filter as “New”.
Suggestions or Ideas

Kindly choose the Ideas section to post a new topic for your suggestion/ recommendation for improvement. Our developer team will base on the upvotes to consider its possibility for an implementation.

Beware of scam

In case there’s a suspicious behavior like topic please send a report via email to

Reporting an error on the forum or looking out for forum notice: Filter the topic as “General discussion”. For example: Power cut notice, Holiday closing notice,  etc.

Closing topic

After 4 weeks, if there is no reply, the support has done, and the Admin  has confirmed in that specific topic it will be closed automatically.

Being ‘Mod Watched’ or Banned

This is a result of  the customer’s perception, and behavior that leads to rather negative support aspect. A refund will be issued if  necessary, and the support will be discontinued.

Restricted checklist

  • Things will be considered as abusing our staff.
  • Use of profanity of any kind.
  • Defamation of character.
  • Spamming of any kind.
  • Misuse of support tickets or threats for self-promotion.
  • Constantly re-posting identical messages in multiple tickets or threads or emails.
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