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Updated on May 26, 2015 in [I] JobEngine
1 on Apr 6, 2015

Hi I use both : Job Engine  and QA Engine adn I notice that the functionality is different on them

  • Selecting a Job Category from the front page of Job Engine is awkward and confusing. The drop-down menu only expands if you click the “>” on the left side of the menu and there is no change with a rollover. Just clicking the collapsed link shows all jobs with no selection. Visitors may not know to click the “>” in order to expand the menu to show the job categories. The expand button should be clearer (maybe a fa-fa) and should change when rolled over to indicate that clicking it is different than clicking the text. OR Have clicking the text expand the menu as well
  • In the QA Engine the Filter by category is better but may not work in the Job engine because of the variable of having blank categories not show. (But not being a programmer I may be wrong)

Thanks for all your hard work … I would LOVE for this to get resolved! (y) (y)

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0 on May 26, 2015

Hi there!
Thanks for your share! We’re sorry for the inconvenience you’ve met.

Regarding this issue, we need to take a closer look to the code. Therefore, the response will be delayed a little bit more.

Please wait a little bit more and I’ll get back with further news at soonest.

Thanks for your understanding.


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