Sort any DE component by oldest/newest/random and highest/lowest!

Updated on Dec 12, 2015 in [I] DirectoryEngine
3 on Feb 7, 2015

Hi there,

Now that I’m actually using the this theme (and some extensions) I really missing the following very basic feature:
Every DE component in Visual Composer should be able to be sorted/ordered by oldest/random and with reviews also by highest/lowest.

Now all components are sorted by the latest entry. If your site does not have very often new entries, comments and reviews…the site will be very static for returning visitors.

Please consider this feature:
It is very easy to implement and will make the features of your components more useful and reusable.

Kind regards,

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0 on Apr 22, 2015

This is exactly what we are looking for too

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0 on Nov 19, 2015

Same here !

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0 on Dec 12, 2015


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