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Please follow the steps below to get LinkedIn API:

1. Create a LinkedIn API application at

2. Click the Create Application button.

3. Fill in required fields in the Create a New Application form as descriptions below:

    • Company Name: Specify your company name.
    • Name: Specify the name of your app (You can type whatever name you wish , but it’s recommended to enter your website or company name in this field).
    • Description: Enter short description of your company/website.
    • Application Logo URL: https URL of the logo of your company/website, in PNG or JPG format (preferably 80×80 pixels).
    • Application Use: Select Other.
    • Business Email: Specify email address.
    • Business Phone: Specify your contact number.

Then, click the Submit button to complete.

4. Make sure r_basicprofile, r_emailaddress are selected in Default Application Permissions section. Fill the blanks. Next, click the Update button on LinkedIn app page as shown in the screenshot below:

Notice: In the “Authorized redirect URIs”. this is default URL

5. Navigate to Settings section from the left sidebar. Set Application Status to Live and click the Update button.

6. Move to JavaScript section from the left sidebar. Enter exactly the same URL as in Website URL option in step 3 above, in the Valid SDK Domains option and click Add button.

7. After the page refresh, you should see the domain (you have just saved) below the option. Click the Update button.

8.Copy Client ID and Client Secret to your site (Engine SettingsSettingsSocials).


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0 on Aug 1, 2016

Please follow the steps below to get Twitter  API:


  1. Create new apps on Twitter at .

2. Fill in all required information on the Create an application form. Then click the Create your Twitter application button to submit.

3. Get Consumer key and Consumer secret on your Application settings.


4. In HomeMy applicationsSettings page, you tick on the “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter” option to finish the registration processing.


Notice: In the “Callback URL”. this is default URL

5. Add Consumer key and Consumer secret to your site. It locates at Engine SettingsSettingsSocials.

Now, your user can log into your site via Twitter account.

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0 on Aug 5, 2016

Important : Callback URL :


That depends on your domain setting.


Document :   

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