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Updated on Aug 24, 2016 in QAEngine
1 on Aug 18, 2016


I would like to make the poll end date not mandatory. So, if a user does not set a day to end the poll, it will last forever. Uyen Tran replied me with a tutorial, but I was not able to make it work… It would be the best if you could implement that for me 🙂

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victor cappa

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0 on Aug 24, 2016

Hi Victor,

We are sorry for the delay in response your topic. I have forwarded your concern to our developer to hope him can help me some advices/solution to help you achieve this issue but he confirmed that it require a lot of customization and relates to a lot of files in core so there is not any temporary solution we can offer for you now.


Hope you understand with us in this situation and I hope we will have a better answer in the next support case.


Thank you!


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