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Unsure what to do:

1). What widget controls the ‘place’ pages? I’d like my pages to look like yours – http://www.demo.enginethemes.com/directoryengine/blog/place/bertrand-at-mister-as/ – with map on the widget panel.

2). How would I remove all ‘Ratings’ and ‘Stars’ from all place pages.

3). My page is showing the map in the header. I’d like to remove this. How do I control the header section of my ‘place’ page.

Thank you.

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0 on Apr 26, 2016
  • you can edit your place header in admin menu, just select new header (cover) image with or without viedo and the map will move automatically on right widget side.
  • Thic can be done in php, it has been discussed here already, just search for the article and follow steps in documentation, this can be done easily.
  • already answered in no.1. But if you want to replace map for a visual banner in homepage, you can use revopution slider for that and create your own slides to replace the map. Map setting can also be found in main wp menu under “Engine setting”.

Hope this will help.

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