Notify and Copy Admin with all messages going through the system

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Any of us who purchased Microjob Engine are investing money and time running the site. What you want to avoid is someone ( a freelncer) trying to take out work from the site directly to them to avoid paying commission.

Notify Admin when bad word is used:

I would like to suggest that whenever a word which is listed by the admin as a bad word the admin gets an e-mail notification

Copy admin whenever a message is sent through the system:

I think that a copy of every e-mail needs to be sent over to the admin


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1 on Jul 4, 2016

Notify Admin when bad word is used


Well it could be a separate extension. We actually have a basic plan for this function. For example: if a freelancer sends the string “do you have a phone number?”  these words will be translated into something like “xxxx” or “you have violated the policy”. The admin can also get this notification via email. 


Copy admin whenever a message is sent through the system


For email function, the customer must have a plan to choose some sort of powerful hosts in order to make the progress faster. That’s the hosting technology. 

+1 vote for this.

Customer Customer
on Jul 4, 2016

Hi Shinya,

Maybe you can provide a guideline on this so that all of us could take note on setting this up.

Referring to this :

It is not working for me. A guide to setup from Dashboard will be the best.

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