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Updated on Apr 4, 2016 in [I] ClassifiedEngine
3 on Mar 30, 2016

Dear Team,

Please consider in the mobile version to allow the user to login from the avatar.
Actually when not logged in this avatar only refresh the page, what is quiet useless.

Many thanks for your time,

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2 on Apr 3, 2016

Activate “Creating Pages with the automatic generator” for work fine. In Settings > Ads > “Creating Pages with the automatic generator” or create page “login” – Use template- Login Page/Register Page – This work fine for me. 

Regards friend.


Customer Customer
on Apr 3, 2016

Zelu you are amazing, how come you can provide something working like this and EngineThemes doesn’t ?
Anyway, many thanks, I really appreciate your help!


Customer Customer
on Apr 4, 2016

Nothing friend. If a little lacking support here.

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