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Updated on Jan 8, 2016 in [I] QAEngine
7 on Jul 2, 2014

Hey guys!

As I have already mentioned in Themeforest as well, this theme deffinitely needs a community side!

You guys should be implemeting either Buddypress or Userpro or whatsoever.

Even if you dont want to add this to your theme you SHOULD be preparing an extension for this purpose! I am deffinitely sure that people would pay whatever you ask for it! Because it is a MUST for this kind of websites.

In these kind of websites, users would like to see the reaction and immediate feedback from the other users!

If I write a loooooong and detailed answer which shows my expertise to a question I deffinitely would like to see what other people think about my answer or post or whatever! So a “Messaging” option between the users is a MUST! So that I could get direct positive or negative feedback immediately from other users and it would triger my urge to answer other questions and be more productive in the website!

On the other hand as a user of the website if I really like answers or posts or the way of writing of another user I would deffinitely like to follow him/her to get informed when they write a new informative answer to another question in order to increase my general knowledge. So there should be deffinitely a ” Follow” function as well!

One more request from my side! I know we are already able to search the users via users tab in the left menu! But as a visitor of the website I wouldnt like to click on that “users” tab and look for the user I am after.
In the search place which is located in header area, we should be able to search users as well! That would be much more easier for the other users or visitors to search their favourite user!

I know I am demanding so much but these kind of features must be implemented to this theme! I guess it is really not difficult to implemet those functions but it will bring numbers of new members to our websites!

The content of these kind of websites are produced by the users! We MUST provide these kind of features to the users to triger their inspiration to write, to increase their urge to produce new answers! If we can make them more interactive, they spend more time in our wbsite and be more productive! As a conclusion as I mentioned above, Messaging and Following features are a MUST for this theme!



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0 on Jul 2, 2014

I totally agree to Geanguru.

Definetly 1+ for it.

It’s a user based theme and we should offer features that will user convince to work with that site!

A private messaging feature could be a nice “extension” for qaengine and I think everyone would pay for it.

To enable that thing with following I would again suggest you to integrate my idea with the “suggestion” tab on the all-questions site.

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0 on Jul 6, 2014


Any update on above mentioned suggestions?
A feedback would be highly appreciated in fact!


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0 on Jul 9, 2014

Why do not we get any feedback on our suggestions?
Could you please tell me if you have already discussed these suggestions in your meetings and they are going to be implemented or not ?


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0 on Jul 12, 2014

Guys? Nothing to say to this?

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These guys suggest something very important, but why no body cares from Enginethemes team. Almost to 2years now 2014 july no any reply.

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0 on Jan 7, 2016

Nobody listen I guess

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0 on Jan 8, 2016

Wow this have been for long time with not answers!!!

In my site i have to go and install Ultimate Member which cost around $200 after 80% off this is a price that they should keep if the cam out with a community social plugin or functionality for  ClassifiedEngine.

By the way guys check the following link and rate if you like, is a Must have functionality for Classifieds Engine.

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