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Updated on Sep 12, 2016 in MicrojobEngine
4 on Sep 7, 2016


is there anyway to list Sellers based on Their Categories?

or please let me know where’s the query page for the current themes (List based on Offer) so i can clone and edits the query

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0 on Sep 7, 2016

Hello Zanial,

Concerning this, please help us by giving an example of which category you want to list  Sellers based on it. Our TS will try their best to assist you in sorting this out.

Many thanks.

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2 on Sep 7, 2016

basically the listing view is as same as the current jobs (offers) listing like this your url demo below:

but those things show the listing of products / offers.. what i want (or most visitor wants) is.. how to list the sellers based on its category? (not the seller’s products) as we realized that a seller can post many products in the same category and seller has its own rating; (and so seller;s products rating too)…



Customer Customer
on Sep 9, 2016

please?.. at least let me know which file that contain the product’s query .. so i can figure it how

Mod Mod
on Sep 12, 2016

Hello Zainal,

Currently, Mje does not support to show sellers based in its category, hope your understandings.

It’s such a pity but it’s beyond our support scope. In addition, please consult your problem with a developer for better solution.

Also, I will close this ticket and move support to email.

Please send a request to support by use this form

I will check and answer you soon.

It will be better if you attach the url of this topic.

Thank you!

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