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Hi there. 

I’ve purchased two themes – Freelance Engine and Microengine. 

I typically only work the Jupiter theme because it’s beautiful, the support is phenomenal and it’s very customizable and intuitive to use.

I took a risk and purchased these themes, praying the backend would not give me a migraine to use. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. 

I see potential for the themes so here’s a list of problems I think you should consider solving (or point me to how I can solve them) for the price you’re charging for themes – which is decently more than the typical theme price of $59 – with loads of plugins. 

Style for home page and about page:

I bought this site for its functionality purposes (or so I thought I did – Freelance Engine requires additional extension purchases), but the layout and design is awful and limiting. 

Where’s the Google Fonts? Why can’t I edit the homepage in the “Pages” section with Visual Composer? To force users to set up the homepage in your Theme Options/Settings dashboard is silly. It’s a bloated feature that could be removed if you just allowed users to design their own homepage with Visual Composer. Same thing goes for the “About” page. 

Are these styling features being added any time soon?

Style for gig pages:

I know this format you’ve designed is what we see on Fiverr, etc. But from a CRO perspective, this layout is not optimal for conversions. I wish I could lay this out however I wanted to, again, with Visual Composer. 

Forum Support

I can only login to the forums / support through Safari. This is severely inconvenient because I use Chrome. 


I’m bottlenecked right now because I’m waiting on the team to release the new beta. Your staff suggests following your blog so I know when you release it, which you told me initially was happening this week – Now it’s sometime next week. Do you even have a hard deadline for the custom fields feature I’m asking about? And I feel like someone should follow up with me to let me know when this is released because it’s already an inconvenience to me as is. 

Sorry for all the complaints. I’m just disappointed and frustrated while waiting to work on my site. $89 is a decent amount of money for me, and I just expected much, much more. =( 

I see the potential for the theme so I hope you work quickly to make it good enough where I can actually use it – and see a ROI in the very near future. 

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0 on Jul 22, 2016

Hi Lauren,

My name’s Dan – technical support from Engine themes.

First of all, I’m really thankful for all your feedback. as far as the topic, I knew you are unhappy with our products also you are using both themes(freelanceengine and micorjobengine). I will clarify some issues of the themes. 

1&2)Regarding the question “Where’s the Google Fonts? Why can’t I edit the homepage in the “Pages” section with Visual Composer? To force users to set up the homepage in your Theme Options/Settings dashboard is silly

=>  Currently, MJE theme doesn’t support  to edit the home page via Visual composer block. If you want to edit the home page, you have to edit  code in home.php file. For other pages, you can use the visual composer block to edit the page content. Regarding the “About page” issue and google font, kindly post a new ticket in Micorjob Category and help us clarify your issue. Our technical support will check and help you solve the problem by customizing a little code via child-theme.


1, to edit the home page, you could modify code in home.php file.

#3) Forum Support

=> We have checked in window 10, window 7, window 8 and MacOS by using chrome browser and everything is working properly when logging in to forum support. You can solve the problem by going to this URL  via chrome and log out current account. If that doesn’t help. kindly tell us know which opera system and version number of chrome you are using. We will check and help you solve this problem.

#4) Thank for your feedback. I take noted and forward to our development team this issue and I hope we will have a  clarify timeline more in the next time. Additional, We are working on the theme to fix bugs and continues improving + add the new features. You can have a look on the roadmap here . 










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