Job Map Extension – Idea to make it a must have!!

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3 on Jan 10, 2015

At the moment Job Map extension is only a map with some vacancies (with the hope the employer has used the correct info). It use some GEO info but not make full use of it. Here is my idea to make it better.

Job Map gives the theme new features:
– Auto Complete Location Company Profile
– Auto Complete Location Search Filter
– Metric Option (in the admin panel you can choose between kilometers and miles)
– Radius (in the admin panel you can set up distance for a drop down menu “5, 10, 15, 25, 50 ect..)

So when a company makes a profile or his/her first vacancy, it will look like this example:
Let say the company adds this street “Neustraße 17” the auto include will fill in the rest “similar to Google maps if that’s make a better reference”. Also this prevents spelling mistakes.

Job Seeker filter, when a company has place his/her vacancy and inserted the wrong location or it’s a real small place. The job Seeker can easy overlook this vacancy real fast. The idea is to create this, the job seeker can insert his/her postcode, his/her place or some random place and setup a radius in the drop down menu. With this you offer the job seeker a better search field, a city is to small for a location search… what if a nearby village or small city has the vacancy the job seeker is searching for? When a job seeker must search each location manual it’s a quick pass, i mean that a job seeker will hop to an other board, this will impact companies to use your job board (because they are difficult to find on you site.

I think this should be priority, for this plugin, its a little out of date.

This wheel has been invented, EngineTheme must check this:

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1 on Jan 10, 2015

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I am sure if your site use GEO information, your site becomes instant better.

Customer Customer
on Jan 11, 2015

Not my site.. but i wish muy site worked like this… but here is an idea how it should work

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0 on May 27, 2015

Hi there!
 Thanks for your great suggestion. It may take time for our consideration before development of this point.
Your suggestions are always welcomed.

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