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Updated on Apr 10, 2016 in [I] DirectoryEngine
3 on Jan 4, 2016

Hi there,
it would be very useful to have an event management, organized according to a view in the timeline or grid-box, with the functionality appropriate to this type of elements:

  • filter events by location and month;
  • in the event card can enter the parameters of recursion:
    Example: repeat event every Thursday – or – repeat event every first of the month etc …
  • have the ability to insert a video and a picture of the cover, tag and category;
  • have a Widget DE-Events that can render the events with their image and not with the photo of the Place. Show the next events. Enable possibility to share an event on Social Network;
  • in place view, show events in grid layout or list mode;

If you want to implement other suggestions, I’d be grateful.
If these options and features are useful to other people, I invite you to vote for this idea.

I want to thank the development team, if  will consider a future implementation.


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  • Manoj Kumar Koorkaparambil
  • Stefano Perlangeli
  • Naveed Lodhi


I would like too add this :
– Since we choose a starting and end date, make it so the event disapears automatically at the end of the date

Thank you


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0 on Jan 21, 2016

You have got my vote Steve!

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Has this ticket been resolved….?

How can we make the event disappear after the End Date..?

How can we change the name “Event” to “Offers”

Thanks and best regards,


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