How to select certain categories?

Updated on Dec 25, 2015 in [I] DirectoryEngine
1 on Dec 24, 2015


I want to select certain categories to display. (Just not in order or something)
If there is A B C D E F G categories,
I want to display C F G categories some page with all count + color feature.

Also, I have a full-width page and footer is not sticky at the bottom.
I copied and paste code from this forum. How can I solve this problem?
If page is not long enough, footer is staying pretty top.

Thank you!

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0 on Dec 25, 2015

Hi Junji, 

All your requirements above is outside the default theme, so we cannot support you to implement them. I hope this thread in Idea section will get more votes so that our developers can consider to build them in the future version.

Thanks a lot.

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