How to change path in initIconMap (front.js)

Updated on Jun 17, 2016 in DiningEngine
3 on Jun 15, 2016

I want to change the path of the iniMapIcon function of file front.js own. I want to put a custom map-marker but if I put the path I get moved. I can solve the problem?

The code:

path: ‘M16.297 5.333c-4.199 0-8 3.404-8 7.603 0 6.244 6.377 6.903 8 16.397 1.623-9.495 8-10.153 8-16.397 0-4.199-3.801-7.603-8-7.603zM16.297 16c-1.473 0-2.667-1.193-2.667-2.667s1.193-2.667 2.667-2.667c1.473 0 2.667 1.193 2.667 2.667s-1.193 2.667-2.667 2.667z’,
fillColor: ‘#ef07b9’,
fillOpacity: 1,
scale: 2,//para qeu quede centrado tiene que ser 0 pero entonces no se ve
strokeColor: ”,
strokeWeight: 0



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1 on Jun 16, 2016

Hi Javier

I quite don’t understand a problem you have met. could you provide for us some picture about it? Also, I’ve tried to implement your code in our product and it working well


Customer Customer
on Jun 16, 2016


The one image corresponds to the current view on the web.
I want to put as in Figure 2 but to put the new icon goes out of place (the real site is where the .fa icon is white)
If I do smaller as in image 3 gets closer to your site but is being moved
To be properly placed I have to put scale: 0, but then not seen. I want that scale is 2.


Thanks and sorry for my english 🙁


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0 on Jun 17, 2016

Hi Javier

Now I get your point, Unfortunately, As much as I’d love to help, regretfully I can’t help you with this particular customization.


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