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2 on Aug 25, 2015

it would be very cool to have an extension/plugin that allows people to embedd the “Add new Question Form” into another Website.

For example: My main website is a blog about Apple things –> www.ispazio.net
Then i’m using ForumEngine (on another wordpress installation) to offer support to my users at this link –> www.ispazio.net/genius

It would be very very cool if I could add a form just before the comments block of my blog to allow users to Add a new question into the second website (ForumEngine).

It should look exactly the same as on ForumEngine but the Button “Submit” should be connected to the second website and should add the question on it, with an automatic redirect to show the post that the user has added

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0 on Aug 25, 2015

i mean this:

that after click will be like this:

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0 on Aug 26, 2015

Hi Fabiano, 

Thanks a lot for choosing us. 

Regarding this issue, Currently, we still have no plan to provide this function. We suggest you consult a developer or use our customization service to meet your own need. It is out of our support, so if you wish please contact us at www.enginethemes.com/customization we will consider and reply you soon. 

Thanks a lot for your sympathy. 


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