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Updated on Sep 9, 2016 in FreelanceEngine
3 on Sep 7, 2016

Team – Do we have any documentation on what are the different status of a project like pending, opening, completed, etc. and their significance? Also, is there a workflow diagram available as which status follows which? Thanks.

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2 on Sep 8, 2016

Hello EDI,

Concerning your question, please visit this link to get a closer look at the FrE workflow. 

Hope it helps!

Customer Customer
on Sep 8, 2016

Thanks Chau. Can you help me understand the difference between close and complete a project. I understand, complete means when the project is completed (i.e, task completed) and close means project closure even when the task is not completed. Can you help clarify this when to use close and complete? Thanks.

Mod Mod
on Sep 9, 2016

Hi Edi,

Here are my answer :

Close:  When a project was accept a bid, it will be change to close.

Complete: After finish a project, project and accepted bid will be changed to complete ,

Hope this helps Edi!




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