Center text and images in single post

Updated on Dec 5, 2015 in [I] ForumEngine
3 on Dec 3, 2015

the editor of single post has option to center or align the content..

i paste the function but not works..
any idea?

what to align and center for me is mandatory

I think you should also put more options on single post , for example youtube videos , emoticons .. etc ..

All the forums run this options.. sorry my bad english.. and thanks for help..

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0 on Dec 3, 2015

Default ForumEngine does not support this function align or center, you will categorize this thread into idea section to get more votes so that development team will focus and implement this feature. 
Currently, it is out of our support scope. Hope you understand. 
Thanks a lot.

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ok ok… thats solved..  

run great.. 

but I can not find the error function that the links with # character .. please at least tell me how is called the function that creates the conflict so that I can see and try to fix it .. 
as I can eliminate that function of #tags ? please help..
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I have already solved
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