Booking Engine issue – seems to be using different forms?

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Firstly, I successfully managed to add in the fields I need to the booking engine plugin – this post is not about that! 🙂

Test URL:

Scenario 1: If you use the MAKE A RESERVATION /  date picker at the top, select dates and click BOOK NOW – all is perfect. You then pick your room, click continue, and you’ll see that I’ve added a number of address fields etc. This all works fine, is being saved in the backend etc – all good.

Scenario 2: Click on ROOMS -> Standard room (for example). Then click the BOOK THIS ROOM button.

The system then shows a completely different form – it’s as if the booking engine isn’t on. A sample url in this case is :

When this form is completed – while it does send an email, the booking IS NOT saved / viewable from the wordpress Dashboard : Bookings.

Can you investigate? I’ve confirmed this is happening on a version of the site that I have not tampered with in anyway.


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3 on Jun 2, 2016

I think I see part of the problem – the main booking engine seems to point to a page / template called booking-3. The BOOK THIS ROOM button on the room pages is calling a page template booking-2. If I can just change the button on the room pages to call booking-3 I think that’ll do it….

Any tips?


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on Jun 2, 2016

Just to be clear – if I can get this form to appear when someone clicks BOOK THIS ROOM on a room page – we’re all done:

THe one that appears is currently either:


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on Jun 2, 2016

Ok – good news and bad news.

The good news – it seems the system thinks that the booking engine was turned off.

The bad news – if I try to turn it on – the whole thing breaks – site returns white pages.

The only way to get site working again is to go into the database – edit the field ‘et_booking_engine’ in the wp_options table and set it back to 0 (from 1).

To be sure this isn’t an issue I’ve introduced re code I’ve changed, I’m going to rebuild a brand new WP install with your theme and plugin untouched on my local server and see if it works from there – if it does I’ll report back.

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on Jun 2, 2016

See my next thread… I did do a full rebuild and leaving the code unchanged, it breaks when I try to turn on Booking Engine.


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