Being able to upload images to question/ answer/ comment from mobile devices too.

Updated on Mar 5, 2016 in [I] QAEngine
5 on Dec 10, 2014

I am missing the functionality to upload images on mobile devices.

So I hope that other customers vote up for this featre if they want this to be integrated too!

Regards, Nico (=

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0 on Mar 9, 2015

Me too!! According to my statistics, I have more visitirs from mobile
devices than from PC. Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular
and I think it is not only my statistic, which shows this. This is a very important option and the very needed one! Hope, you’ll add this very soon!
Best regards,

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2 on May 27, 2015

Hi guys!
Thanks for your suggestions! We will consider to raise them up every our meeting.
Thanks for being our customer.

Customer Customer
on Nov 14, 2015

Hi Thao Than! Have you considered at your meetings to add the possibility to upload images to questions / answers / comments from mobile devices too? The whole world is switcing to the mobile devices and not to have this feature in the theme is a crime. It has been a year now since this question been raised. Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards

Customer Customer
on Nov 16, 2015

Hi Olena, we are not still planning this addition into the next update, however, we hope we can improve it soon. 
Thanks for your opinion. 

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0 on Mar 5, 2016

Hi there, 

Currently, QAE has already support user add image on mobile when post quest, answer. 

We won’t support user add image in comment. 




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