Adding a column in project listing on homepage.

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7 on Mar 31, 2016

Hello there,

I have bought freelance engine for a project. And I want to add a column to the default project list table. The following are the columns displayed in the table by default: PROJECT TITLE, BY, POSTED DATE, BUDGET. I have managed to add a column CATEGORIES by editing the ‘/wp-content/themes/freelanceengine/template/project-item.php’ and the ‘/wp-content/themes/freelanceengine/includes/vc_blocks/projects.php’ files. A screen shot of the table as it looks now is :

The problem is when I click the pagination links in the bottom, an AJAX request is sent and the table is populated with data in the old format, i.e. without the CATEGORIES column. A screen shot is:

Please help me in finding the JavaScript which loads the data in the table so that I can tailor it. I have tried profiling the javascript function calls right after a click event on the pagination links, but the list is just huge, and most of the JS is minified. Or let me know of another way of adding a column to the table

Thank you! ūüôā

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1 on Mar 31, 2016

Hi Farrukh,

You can check code in  freelanceengine\template-js\project-item.php file, then add this code 

{{= project_category }}

to the section where you want to the category appearances.



Customer Customer
on Apr 21, 2016

Hi Dan, I bought pro version, trying to achieve the same goal like Farrukh. I puted {{= project_category }} to freelanceengine\template-js\project-item.php file but getting numbers value(, how can I get text value of project category.  In freelanceengine\TEMPLATE\project-item.php I use <?php list_tax_of_project(); ?> for it. Thank you

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0 on Apr 21, 2016

Hi Farrukh, 

You can check and use the child-theme here 

I downloaded and use it. Everything works as well.


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0 on Apr 22, 2016

Hi Seven,

In this case, you could have a look in the method ae_convert_project in incudes/projects.php file.

Via this method, we can convert the value {{==project_category}} from int to array or a string.

ex : 

$result->project_category = ‘123, abc’;

Regarding the string return, that require a little WordPress skill and code to do that. Please kindly consult a developer to help you implement this feature.

Thank you so much.



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2 on May 10, 2016

Thank you people. I have downloaded and use this child-theme

It works properly.

Thank again.

Mod Mod
on May 11, 2016

Hello Farrukh,

I appreciate your feedback.

And do feel free to contact us If you have any further question by opening a new thread. I’ll be glad to assist you.

Many thanks.

Customer Customer
on Dec 17, 2016

Could you tell us how you managed?

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